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SHO Productions, LLC, founded in 1993, is an entertainment production and management firm dedicated to providing high quality musical entertainment for many different types of functions, from private parties and weddings to corporate events, conventions, fundraisers, fairs, town/municipal events, nightclub and casino venues and many more.

At SHO Productions, LLC we understand that entertainment is an integral part of any successful event, and we're therefore committed to working closely on the details with every client to ensure their complete satisfaction.

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Click on the following link: SHO Productions Store to see the different products we have available for each band. From CD's and mp3 files to t-shirts and posters, here's where you'll find it. We encourage you to browse through the store on a regular basis because we'll be continuing to add more products under each band category. All purchases are handled through Paypal, where you can use any credit card or your Paypal account.

PLEASE NOTE: we're currently experiencing a problem with the product download link for mp3 file purchases. So if you purchase an mp3 file it will be sent to you as an e-mail attachment once the purchase has been completed. The e-mail address we'll use to send it is the one you'll give us upon log in. Sorry for the temporary glitch. We should have this fixed very soon..!!

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